I have been a Fellow of the UK’s Higher Education Academy since 2013. My teaching is informed by the pedagogy of “problem-solving sociology“. Over the years, I have designed and taught the following courses: 


  • Social and Political Analysis of Emerging Economies (KCL)
  • East Asian Development (KCL)
  • National Development Strategies (KCL)
  • Economy and Society (University of Cambridge)


  • States, Markets and Institutions (KCL)
  • Politics of Market Reforms (KCL)
  • Industrial Development (KCL)
  • Private Sector Management for Development (University of Manchester)
  • International Management (University of Manchester)


I supervise doctoral candidates in the area of late capitalist development with focus on newly emerged and emerging economies of East Asia.

Together with the faculty and PhDs in the “Institutional Political Economy” research group at the Department of International Development, I examine the evolving dynamics of industrial and corporate change in East Asia and beyond.

In my capacity as the PhD Programme Director at the Department, I also lead series of seminars and workshops aimed at supporting doctoral students navigate their research and research careers.